Last Man on Earth

Parting lines can be hard to swallow.  The last thing Rena said to Micco before life ended as we knew it was “Not if you were the last man on Earth.”  Well, he’s not the last, but close.  And with the survival of the human race hanging in the balance, she’s going to not only sleep with him, she’s going to marry him.  By order of the military. 

Living underwater in a military facility, Dr. Micco Hagan is charged with DNA pairing of the last of the survivors based on their genetics.  Rena, the woman he wanted before Earth ended, rejected him quite loudly and angrily.  Now is his chance to be with her.  How long can the woman be mad at him?

Rena Gates turned Micco down because his request was the result of a bet.  How mortifying.  And he embarrassed her in front of her superiors.  Now she’s being forced to not only marry him, but procreate for the good of the species.  How long can she hold on to her righteous anger?

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read about miscommunication.  He thought one thing, she another, and both were way wrong.  Meant to be together if their chemistry is anything to go by, Micco and Rena stumbled along on their way to true love.  Pride played a big part of Rena’s refusal and came to bite her on the behind.  A sexy read, with a frightening premise as a background.

Book Blurb for Last Man on Earth

Dr. Micco Hagan has been charged with pairing up the last of Earth’s survivors based on genetics for optimal survival of the species. He can’t resist the opportunity to be with his dream girl, Rena Gates. Though she rejected him before the Earth ended, he hopes now she’ll find a soft spot for him.
In the time before, Rena thought Micco had only come on to her to win a bet. She never expected them to be rescued together, or to be eventually partnered. Unable to resist following orders, she discovers they have a lot more going for them than DNA matching. The sex is explosive, but can it eventually grow into love?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00