Lacey's Seduction

After becoming friends via email and phone calls, and the occasional conference, Lacey has decided to seduce Brent.  She buys the lingerie, clears her schedule for three days, and invites him to her room.  She gets the sex she wanted, but the feelings she was sure would be revealed afterward are non-existent.  Brent berates her and walks away.  Mortified, Lacey retreats and avoids him for three months.  Now she must face him again.  How can she after exposing herself like she did?

Brent thinks Lacey might be the one.  After years of being pursued for everything but who he is, he’s shocked and devastated when Lacey seduced him like all the others.  He gives her what she wants, and then leaves to protect himself.  Now she’s back on his radar, and he’s determined to figure out what happened, and if maybe they can begin again.  Together.

This was a different sort of read in that after the big carnal moment, instead of hearts and flowers we got hurt and anger.  Lack of communication was obvious, and these were people in the literary world.  When something truly matters that is when it is most difficult to speak of what is in your heart.  Thank goodness the feelings they had for one another were too great to let it just slip away.  While Brent was a little conceited in his interpretation of Lacey’s seduction, he did have some prior experience to validate his thinking.  And Lacey was putting all her hopes on Brent’s interpretation instead of stating what she was going for. 

If steamy sex with a  side of misunderstanding is your thing, this book is for you.

Book Blurb for Lacey's Seduction

Short Story
One seduction leads to another as two people fight to come together.

Lacey seduces Brent Wilson after careful planning. Everything seems to go according to plan...until he gets up and leaves, breaking her heart in the process.

Brent knows he messed things up with Lacey. He has to make things up to her. Using her feelings for him, he sets out to return the seduction.

Will they find their way to each other or end up destroying each other's hearts?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.75