Kristen's Addiction

Most vampire books that you read now highlight how cool it is to be undead. Love blooms between a vampire and a mortal, and all is hunky dory. But what if you were the victim of a hit and run rogue vampire? What if you were turned into an addict, desperate for the venom only a vampire’s bite could give you? And would do anything to get it?
Kristen is a pediatric doctor and while not thrilled with her life as she is dateless and a little on the curvy side, it is a life of her own choosing. Attacked after dropping her car off at her late-night mechanics, her life is forever changed - And not for the better. 
Joe is not just a mechanic. He’s much more. Kristen is a want he can never have because of his past. But when she is attacked while leaving his shop, he feels responsible for her and becomes her champion in her quest for a cure for her addiction. 
This was a very dark romance. Full of both Kristen and Joe’s angst and despair over their lives, these two lost souls find one another. Can an addicted professional have a real relationship with a working class man? What will her colleagues think? Two people thrown together out of necessity soon find more than they bargained for. Will Kristen’s addiction bring them together, or keep them forever apart? You’ll just have to read the story to find out.

Book Blurb for Kristen's Addiction

Dr. Kristen Johansen is a respected pediatrician. With her sexy plus-sized figure and long blonde hair you’d think she’d have a man. But her demanding career has put her love life on hold, until she’s attacked late one night and becomes an addict—of vampire venom. Now she has no choice but to go out after sundown, offering herself to anyone with fangs who wants a late-night snack. Which is how she runs into Joe, the last person she would have suspected of being a vampire. Blue-collar and hard-core, Joe works as a mechanic and hides his intellect behind his skill with a socket wrench. But what he really longs for is an extra-curvy woman with appetites to match his own. After an explosive sexual encounter, Joe offers Kristen the chance at a cure. But as they work together to find the rogue vampire who attacked her, Kristen begins to wonder if her addiction is turning into love. And whether regaining her old life is worth losing the only man she has ever cared for.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00