Kissing the Bridesmaid

A Sherman Cousin Short Story 2.5

Callie feels her whole life is going to be regret for one impulsive act. She kissed her best friend the night before his wedding and now she longs for him. But to have him is impossible since he married her other best friend. So Callie moves on, living with the pain of not only her own perceived betrayal, but the loss of two very important people in her life. When she finally goes home for a visit she gets the surprise of her life, and maybe her greatest fantasy realized.

Kissing the Bridesmaid is a sweet story about betrayal between lifelong friends and things finally righting themselves after malicious intervention. Callie, Aiden and Zia were the three musketeers as young children but all that changed when hormones were introduced. This is where the malicious part comes in. Zia, while pretty, is insecure and so starts her machinations to win Aiden as her own. And she succeeds for a while. But when her true colors are revealed Aiden washes his hands of her and looks for his true love. What made this so appealing was the unrestrained lust Callie and Aiden created when all their feelings were put on the table. Their “reunion” was smoking hot.

Book Blurb for Kissing the Bridesmaid

Callie Sherman has moved past her silly schoolgirl crush on Aiden Marshall. But she is still haunted by the one kiss they shared the night before he married her best friend.

Aiden has been in love with Callie since he first pulled her pigtails years ago. Believing he could never have her as more than a friend, he moved on with his life. But everything came crashing down after one kiss.

Now divorced, Aiden isn't going to let anything get in the way of his second chance with Callie. This time, if he has anything to say about it, will be their finally ever after.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50