King's Property

Shifter Fight League Book 2

The heat between Zara and Logan gets turned up a few notches, and both are determined that they aren’t going to be the one to fall first. Unfortunately, it’s too late for them both. There is possessiveness and dirty talk as well as steamy scenes right out of your fantasies. Or at least mine.

The mystery continues to build in the background and a few breadcrumbs are dropped to keep things moving along. The author explores relationships that are peripheral to Zara and Logan a little, adding depth to their characters a little more than allowed in the first book. I also loved Zara’s business proposal and the math that went into preparing it. I’ve done something similar as a housewife; my husband really can’t afford me.

Logan is starting to recognize his need for Zara isn’t dissipating as it usually does with other women. He finds it disturbing but also intriguing as he imagines a life with Zara in the center, and all that a mate can bring. And it isn’t looking so bad after all. Zara is just trying to keep her heart intact as she falls even deeper in with the scary but sexy Logan.

Book Blurb for King's Property

Her debt means the King owns her body... her heart is a different matter. Or is it?

In order to pay off her debt, Zara shares cagefighter Logan Reese's bed...or rather a wall in the locker rooms or the back seat of the alpha werelion's limo, since actual beds don't feature large in their arrangement. She tells herself it's just business, that she's not his property, not really. It's just a short term arrangement.

She doesn't want more. Honest.

She's his. End of story.

King of the Ring, Logan Reese, knows two things. The curvy little female is more cat than she appears, and she's all his... He'll take her, and keep her, any way he can....

Fair Warning: This is a raunchy little shortie that contains one hot as hell werelion using any excuse to get his hands on the sexy, curvy woman he wants. It does not end in a HEA (at the moment) but does have hot changing room sex (and in a limo)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50