Killer Daddy

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Killer Daddy

Bad Boy Inc. Book 5

Want to make a playboy grow up fast? Drop a baby on his doorstep. Works every time. Declan is just minding his business when this very scenario unfolds in his living room. In his panic, he consults his boss who points him in the right direction but things don't go as anticipated. Imagine that.

Things are intriguing from the very first chapter. We are introduced to Audrey and her daughter Harper. As Audrey prepares to leave her daughter with a nanny and go to work, things go south real quick, resulting in her house burning down and shots being fired. Just another day in suburbia. Next thing we know, Declan has Harper, Audrey is no where in sight and Declan starts to learn how to be a daddy, against his wishes. The ensuing adventures of Declan, Harper and his nanny Edith are nothing if not entertaining, and not all things are as they appear.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and it's promise of more to come. There are multiple twists and turns, some flirting, lots of fantasizing and an adorable baby in the middle of it all. I enjoyed the transformation of Declan from bumbling bachelor to consummate dad. If the man can be a spy and live a double life, how much of a challenge could this really be? He starts off rough but quickly gets the hang of things and finds himself liking it.

I can't reveal the twists but found the snark enjoyable, the interoffice involvement endearing and the masculine handling of things adorable. The story moved quickly and kept me engaged. A good addition to the series.

Book Blurb for Killer Daddy

This daddy is a stone cold killer.

You want to know how you give a guy a heart attack? Leave a baby on his doorstep with a note saying: Congrats, you’re a daddy.

Not that Declan believes it for a minute. However, until that paternity test proves him right, he’s in charge of changing diapers.

Screw that. He’s hiring a nanny.

A hot nanny.

A woman who has no idea she’s tempting a killer.

Just like those people trying to kidnap his baby have no idea he’s not a daddy you should mess with.

But they’re about to learn.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.50