Kidnapping Casey

Zorn Warriors Book 2

Running for her virtue in the woods behind her house, Casey is swept up and away by a very large not-quite-human savior. Her ex sent his deputies after her to finish his assault that she escaped from earlier in the week. Determined not to be raped she makes a run for it and finds herself in another situation that has the potential to be much worse. But even though her savior can only growl she senses intelligence. And when he makes love to her, all she wants to do is keep him. But what if he decides to take her?

Argernon is a warrior from Zorn. Enraptured by his brother’s mate, he goes to her homeworld with his comrades to find a sexual dynamo like his brother brought home. Just intending to look, he’s overwhelmed when he finds Casey and once he’s had her he refuses to let her go. Breaking all kinds of laws on his homeworld to do so, he sets out to kidnap Casey.

This is the sequel to Ral’s Woman. While I was hoping to like this as much as it’s predecessor I’m afraid I didn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, don’t get me wrong. I just felt like Argernon kept trying to take the easiest path to his goal without considering others feelings or wants. While as a male he is expected to be clueless, sometimes he went a little too far. I really felt for Casey and was sorry for the pain Argernon inflicted with his careless behavior. While no romance would be complete without a happy ending, she did make him grovel for it. And grovel he did. Almost an epic grovel. I look forward to more stories about the Zorn warriors.

Book Blurb for Kidnapping Casey

All Casey wants is to avoid being arrested on trumped-up charges from her persistent ex-boyfriend. Running through the woods to escape two deputies sounds like a great plan…until they catch her. Thinking it’s all over, waiting to hear the snap of the handcuffs, she instead hears a roar.

A huge, tall, muscular man comes to her rescue. She’s being saved by Bigfoot—and he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. The attraction between them is instant, and after spending a little time with him, Casey wants to take him home and keep him.

There are a few problems with that plan. He’s not the legendary creature, but he definitely isn’t human. Argernon is a warrior from Zorn. They do have one thing in common—he wants to take her home and keep her. He’s kidnapping Casey.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00