Just My Luck

Coletti Warlords, #1

Kaylee is a walking shit magnet; her words, not mine.  If there is trouble or danger, she’s usually sitting in the front row.  But Kaylee is a warrior, a powerful psychic, and a “siren” for her world.  Call her an advance warning system if you will.  And her alarms are going off like crazy.  Earth has come to the attention of off-planet predators who think we are mighty tasty, and they are ringing the dinner bell.  Earth is fighting with all its' might and it’s about to have company in that fight, whether they want it or not. 

Trapped and chained by his enemy, Talree is a Coletti Warlord who is on the verge of going feral.  Think vampire on steroids with an insatiable appetite for whatever is in front of him.  His race is also bent on destroying the predators currently chowing down on Earth.  When his mind connects with Kaylee’s and he sees his salvation, he vows he will connect with her and she will be his mate in all ways.  Whether she wants to or not.  And his kind will join in the fight with earth, but for a price. 

This was a freaky fantastic read.  Tons of detail about what threatens Earth, in gory detail, and how seeing things can alter a persons perceptions.  Kaylee and Talree got along like a chalkboard and fingernails at first, but with a lot of sex, arguing and humor, managed to find their way to one another.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story and sincerely hope there is more to come since all things weren’t resolved. 

Book Blurb for Just My Luck

Chaos and disaster are Kaylee Jones's faithful companions.  A powerful psychic, it’s her job to protect Earth from alien predators who consider our world an all-you-can-eat banquet.  Unfortunately, her success at killing these alien freaks puts her on their most wanted list and lands her in a prison cell.  Her roommate?  A very hungry vampire.  Okay, he’s really a Coletti Warlord who decides to make her his mate.  Doesn’t matter that she’s not willing and this mate thing means he owns her mind, body and soul.  She’ll admit the sex is hot and the bossy jerk has agreed to save our world from annihilation. But, the bad news is, Warlords aren’t benevolent do-gooder types and there is a price for his help, our women.  The really bad news is, her Warlord’s low-down conniving brother has joined forces with our alien freaks and now we have to stop them from destroying both our worlds!!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00