Just Being Neighborly

Part of the proceeds from this book are being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.

Life is good for Dayton Stewart.  He’s just bought a home and his neighbor is hot and sexy.  Simon Tate sets him on fire, and Simon’s friend Mateo is just as yummy.  Fantasies surrounding the two become a common occurrence.  Will he ever have the opportunity to make the fantasies reality?

Binoculars are handy for more than bird watching.  Simon uses them to watch Dayton on a ladder, and his desire for his new neighbor leads him to devise a scheme to get him into his house, and his playroom.  With Mateo present as well, of course. 

Arriving home to a message from Simon saying to come pick up a package that was left at his house, Dayton wastes no time going next door.  The minute he enters the house he knows something is up.  Several something’s, actually.  Simon illustrates his version of being neighborly, and Dayton couldn’t be happier. 

Not a love story, but more than just an interlude.  What happens when the three men get together made for a quick, spicy escape from realism.  The introduction to the playroom and all it represents touches a chord in Dayton and releases a part of him he has been reserving for someone special.  What he got was two someone’s who he felt comfortable with.  No jealousy or competition, just discovery and pleasure.  And I’ll never look at items at Home Depot the same ever again. 

Book Blurb for Just Being Neighborly

When Dayton Stewart buys a home in a Toronto neighborhood, he thinks his life can’t get any better…until he meets Simon Tate, his gorgeous new neighbor. Add Simon’s friend Mateo to the mix and sparks fly.
In Simon’s mind, being neighborly involves something other than homemade cookies or a dinner invitation. It means a threesome in the parlor and some quality time in the old, stone-walled bondage basement.
A wall web, a step stool, floggers and lube. All the accoutrements of kinky sex can be found in Simon’s play space, and Simon and Mateo are more than happy to show Dayton the ins and outs of the equipment. After all, they’re just being neighborly.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.50