Jordan Tamed

Jordan wants it all now that he knows it is possible. Seeing his best friends Sam and Sophie fall in love has him reevaluating his bachelor ways. And he can think of only one woman to pursue with the ultimate goal in mind.

Bridget is off limits emotionally. Party and have a physical relationship? No problem. Played and horribly betrayed at the tender age of eighteen, the happily ever after is just a cruel joke as far as she is concerned. And she will never fall victim to it again. But then she’s never met a man who really wanted her forever. What to do when a man pursues her claiming just that?

Loved this book, especially since it gave another look at Sophie and Sam in their marital bliss. Following the same path as the first book, Satisfying Sophie, we get a birdseye view of a damaged heart learning to love and trust again. While not physically harmed, Bridget is definitely scarred by the man who used and manipulated her as a young girl. Jordan has his work cut out for him as he pursues a woman he feels is his perfect match. As he works to convince her, he slowly worms his way into her heart and shows her it is safe to love and trust again. The right person makes all the difference, and he’s that person. A wonderfully uplifting and romantic read.

Book Blurb for Jordan Tamed

Charming and charismatic Jordan has watched his two best friends, Sam and Sophie, fall in love. When sexy Bridget declares eternal sexual and romantic bliss is a delusion, Jordan pulls out all the stops to prove her wrong. He’s wanted her for a long time, and now it’s time to prove it.

Since being played by a married man when she was just eighteen, Bridget has denounced all things romantic and no longer believes in happily ever afters—until Jordan. But can a woman whose heart has been cold for so long warm to the ultimate gift of devotion and eternal love?

Publisher’s Note: Contains very sensual female/female exploration. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.00