Jager's Mate

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Jager's Mate

A scene directly out of a movie has Daylen turning her patrol car around for another look. Sure enough, she sees two men sword fighting in an alley. Pulling her weapon and yelling out for them to put down their weapons, one runs. The other one? He tries to charm her, but ends up on the ground with Daylen cuffing him. Except he turns the tables and kisses Daylen senseless. Then he takes off, promising to finish their "discussion" later. What the heck?

Jager has enjoyed watching his brethren find their mates. So when the scent of his mate belongs to a tough cop who takes him down, he’s overjoyed. Envious of his brethren’s relationships, he’s on board with the whole process. Until reality hits and she acts as her own person, not the mate he imagined. This might not be so easy after all.

While Jager starts out with good intentions, he’s overwhelmed by the mating frenzy and like those before him, leaves out big chunks of information before mating with Daylen. After she’s informed of what she just agreed to, she has your standard meltdown. Men! Werewolves! I’m all for the destined mate thing, but these guys need a reality check. Women are sentient beings, and while the men are all into the mating frenzy, we girls have to keep our heads.

But when the man chasing you is gorgeous and totally focused on you…..that’s a little different. And when he kisses you and your senses take a nap, while your body goes into overdrive, what are you supposed to do? Give in, and worry about the mess later. Reading about another of the protectors taking a fall was fun, watching Jager falter priceless, and a peek into how Roan and Roxie were doing with their mates was appreciated. I can’t wait for Leif to find his mate, which should make for interesting reading.

Book Blurb for Jager's Mate

Daylen is a cop, and a good one. When she discovers two men sword fighting in an alley during one of her nightly patrols, she confronts them, ordering them to put down their weapons. One of the men takes off running, surprising her with his speed. With one man left, she knows she'll have to take him down when he ignores her demands. With her suspect in her grasp, her world turns upside down when he pins her to the ground and kisses her senseless.

Jager knows no wilting flower, werewolf or mortal, would ever survive as his mate, but this cop has all the right moves. Her scent leaves no doubt this mortal woman is his, and after tasting her lips, he knows claiming her will be a challenge. The bigger problem, however, might be her obsession to arrest him whenever they meet. As their passion flares, he'll do anything it takes to make her his mate. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.75