It's Only Physical

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It's Only Physical

Seduced and married before she realized the kind of man he was, Miranda has spent the last few years hiding money and planning her escape. When her husband murders an undercover cop in their home and she photographs the crime, she’s on the run for her life. Years later, she’s still hiding even though her now ex-husband is in jail, due to her testimony. She’ll never be safe from his reach, and doesn’t realize the danger is getting closer since he manages to escape prison with one thought on his mind: revenge.

Daniel "Mac" Mackenzie is happy with his single life. A former military pilot, he now flies commercial and has his pick of women. A good thing since variety is his preference. When he meets Miranda he’s drawn to her as he’s never been drawn to a woman before, and before he knows it he’s breaking his own rules to spend more time with her. What was supposed to be a "just physical" relationship quickly becomes more. And that’s more dangerous than either of them ever imagined.

Determined not to endanger anyone Miranda makes some poor choices, but the people she drew to her as friends were fabulous and were there for her in ways she never imagined. Mac’s evolution from playboy to a man was entertaining to read.

Two adults denying their deepest desires make for a major conflagration when they hook up. Helpless against the attraction they find themselves drawn to one another over and over against their better intentions. When Miranda’s worst nightmare comes true she is forced to confront her true feelings for Mac. When Mac is put in a life-threatening situation, he faces the same harsh truth about himself and his true feelings for Miranda. A fairytale beginning tainted with hints of a one-night stand, a sensuous and romantic middle as the two find their souls entwining, and an exciting and dangerous end made for a phenomenal read. A keeper.

Book Blurb for It's Only Physical

Daniel "Mac" Mackenzie is a “one night stand” kind of guy. Love ’em and leave ’em, that’s his motto. Meeting Miranda may just put an end to that line of thought. Even though the two have agreed to keep their relationship strictly physical, Mac cannot help but want more of Miranda than just her body. But Miranda is holding something back and Mac intends to find out what that is.

Miranda has been running from her past and an abusive ex-husband for over two years. Afraid to trust, Miranda doesn’t let anyone get close. When Mac offers her a strictly physical relationship with no strings attached, she hesitantly agrees.

After all, Mac isn’t her mob boss ex-husband. What harm could it do?

Unfortunately, Miranda finds out when her worst fear comes alive in the form of an angry ex-husband determined to see her pay.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50