Intentional Abduction

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Intentional Abduction

Alien Abduction, #2

Jaro was perfectly happy with his life until his nemesis/brother found his true mate. Now they actually speak to one another and he finds himself a tad bit envious of his brother's relationship with his human. Women throw themselves at him so he is a bit perplexed when he finds himself tied to a bed, about to be taken advantage of by a woman wanting his seed to start her own dynasty. Amused as well as aroused he vows to get his revenge when he is once again free. Seriously, all she had to do was ask.

Aylia is an orphan who has been raised on a planet ruled by females. She looks nothing like her adoptive mother and as a result must pursue her future off-planet since mating is impossible. She sets out on a quest to get pregnant and return to her home world to start her own line. After much deliberation she decides on Jaro. But she gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself developing feelings for her sperm donor. Relationships just aren't done on her world, so how does she reconcile herself with the reality of letting him go once she's expecting?

Jaro and Aylia were an adorable couple that everyone could tell were made for one another, except them. They saw one another as a means to an end or a trial and tribulation. But the emotions they provoked in one another, while unfamiliar, were strong and wouldn't be denied. Full of steamy seduction, hilarious dialogue and droll humor I had a fun time reading this sequel to "Accidental Abduction."

With a lot of the characteristics that made the first story so enjoyable this one had the added violence of Jaro and Aylia's careers/callings that left a swathe of the dead and dying in their wake. While that might seem unsettling it just further added to the certainty that they were meant to be. A definite must read with yet another story coming for the humorous cousins Brax and Xarn.

Book Blurb for Intentional Abduction

She intentionally abducted him because of his prowess, so when the chance arose, he stole her for revenge—and to relieve his lust.

Aylia is on a quest to get pregnant, and in the time-honored tradition of her people, she must kidnap a suitable male for the task. Seducing the reluctant warrior is harder than she expected, especially when her body turns traitor and melts at his touch. When he flips the situation around and takes her prisoner, he doesn’t just steal her body, he also takes her heart...and she might just have to kill him to get it back.

Being the scourge of the galaxy comes with consequences, like women wanting his body, but Jaro’s never had someone kidnap him for his seed. Fighting the female’s allure, the captive becomes the captor, and he learns that not all battles are fought using fists and knives. Although, the sword between his legs gives her its best shot.

Through the vastness of space, brothels, and unmentionable places in between, can this stubborn pair overlook their pride and past to come together? Or will they forever abduct and pleasurably torture each other?

Warning: The female in this piece does kidnap a male and force him into having mindblowing sex. But don't worry, he ends up abducting her back and getting his revenge.This is a science fiction erotic romance, heavy on the romance with a humorous overtone. It contains explicit adult situations that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. Please, note, no alien probes were used in the making of this story.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50