Wealth and an affluent lifestyle surround Bianca but her only friend is her dog, Max. According to her father her mother “left” and Bianca is starting to understand her father earns his money in a less than legal manner. All this comes to a boil on the day she meets the man who will mean the world to her; if he doesn’t kill her first.

Ellis met Bianca through her file and she intrigued him. When he met her in person she blew him away. Not yet 21, Bianca has a quality that calls to him on every level and he doesn’t know how to process it all. So he sends her away. He researched her, kidnapped her and questioned her about her father but can’t resolve how he can have her being the kind of person he is.

Talk about heavy issues. There was very little contact between Ellis and Bianca for the majority of the book. The reader was led through the maze of both character’s musings and thought processes as they struggled with their respective issues. The story was very detailed, especially the close friends of Ellis at the club who eventually become Bianca's friends as well. And the workings of the BDSM club The Lodge the Council use as a front for their organization. While I never felt Bianca was in mortal danger, there was an edginess throughout the book about her precarious position. The end result was expected, but I didn’t feel any great love since the two had so little physical interaction. I anticipate more books revolving around The Lodge.

Book Blurb for Insurmountable

Kidnapped because of her father’s wrongdoings, Bianca Fontaine is interrogated by a man she has no reason to be drawn to. Who falls for their kidnapper anyway? Especially an arrogant, hard man who is bound by duty yet with those intriguing possessive and nurturing qualities he hates to show. Having learned the truth about her mother’s disappearance, her reality is suspect, except for the one constant—her kidnapper Ellis Valiant.

Ellis Valiant is indeed a hard man. Yet after the negative impact he’s had on Bianca’s world, he sends her away, rather than make it worse. But when he finds her next, exploring her submissive side in the sex club fronting for his organization, his noble efforts fall by the wayside and he steps up as her Dom. Except Ellis harbors a secret, an insurmountable one, and Bianca will surely come to hate him when it comes to light.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00