Inked Ever After

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Inked Ever After

As I adored the first book of this series I was ecstatic when this was released. James and Tate had a lot of loose ends at the end of their first book and this helped immensely with my satisfaction in their finding one another. As mentioned in my review of “More than Meets the Ink” James has some major alpha male issues and Tate can hide with the best of them. Those conflicts are dealt with, eventually, as well as future dilemmas. The real meat of marriage i.e. trust, respect, support and having a family are on the agenda as James and Tate get closer to the date of their marriage.

As a treat, we are given more glimpses into future stories involving family members, friends, and James’ business associates. The author pens an intriguing read that is inviting, realistic, and smoking hot without being too over the top. Can James and Tate manage the level of sexuality and wonder in each other? Probably not, but it’s fun to read about this damaged couple who found one another, helped each other heal, and are one step closer to their happily ever after.

Book Blurb for Inked Ever After

Tattooed bad boy James Bowen is about to marry the love of his life. Everything would be perfect if it wasn't for the tiny detail that his bride-to-be is freaking out big time. And trying to hide it from him.

Tate Cooper is losing it. She loves James with all her heart and wants to be married to him; it's the getting married that's killing her. Still grieving the loss of her father and brother, Tate just can't shake her fear and sadness. Add to that the stress of the wedding, and she's in full emotional meltdown. But James deserves a happy bride, not a high-maintenance, sorrow-filled, guilt-stricken one, and, by God, she's going to give him that, even if she has to paste on a smile and fake it till she makes it.

James can see through her front, and he doesn't know whether to be amused or pissed. He understands she's running scared, her fear of loss making it hard for her to fully commit, but there is no way in hell he's going to allow this to continue; he's going to push her to confront her fears until she happily embraces their ever after.

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Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50