In a Dark Embrace

Werewolves are a male species. No woman werewolf is born, only made. And that’s dicey. Most humans bitten die rather than transform. So when a woman unknowingly gives birth to a male child as a result of an encounter with a werewolf, that child is stolen, and raised by the pack. 
Jeremy Blake is a product of this kind of upbringing. But he craves more. But who can he share his secret with? Those who are made aware are hunted and killed by the pack; their secret must remain just that.
Lee Gibson is hereditary Earth Witch. She draws her power from the elements. She’s also a weaker Spirit Witch, which means she can sense emotions and even read minds. But she doesn’t like to do that, it’s not right. What she does with her talents is to help people as a counselor. But she has to be careful; she can’t reveal her true self.
These are two people with dark secrets to keep. Lee had a relationship and was betrayed. Jeremy has drive-by liaisons to sate his extreme sexual appetite. What happens when these to genetic throwbacks in today’s world collide?
Lee and Jeremy meet while in a park late at night. Lee is connecting with the Earth, and Jeremy is running as a wolf. These are both necessary aspects of their existence. When they connect with each other, it’s explosive and sexual. And both want it to keep going.
While the author tried to instill some danger, it wasn’t the focus of the story. Though some suspense was evident, the true focus of the story was the physical relationship and how it grew to more. I thoroughly enjoyed the sensual aspects of the story, and was intrigued at the dance between two such strong, dangerous characters. How do a witch and a werewolf mesh? Very carefully - read and find out.

Book Blurb for In a Dark Embrace

Lee Gibson is trying hard to be normal. It isn't easy to blend in when you're a witch — especially a witch with a motorcycle and a penchant for big men and rough sex. When she meets a gorgeous and very unusual man under a full moon she indulges in a hot sexual encounter, never intending it to be anything more. There's no room in her life for a half-wild werewolf, no matter how sexy he is.

Jeremy Blake has given up on meaningful relationships. Sooner or later the wolf in him would peek through the carefully structured façade and his lover would crumble into cringing servility or run away. Usually they ran. Then he meets a woman who responds to his werewolf form with a smile and an invitation — a small, green-eyed witch with no fear and an insatiable desire for his hard, willing body. He isn't about to let this one get away.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00