Brides of the Kindred 22

This kindred tale had a spin I thoroughly enjoyed. Lathe is a kindred hybrid, and as such has all the respect and reverence for females that goes with it. Ari throws him for a loop. He's having mating thoughts for a MALE. That's unexpected.

Ari is smart and can apply her intelligence to mechanical solutions. To rescue her wrongly imprisoned brother she fashions a disguise to break into the worst prison in the galaxy to rescue said brother. What could go wrong???

This was at times a tense and dark read. Between Lathe's inner conflict over his sexuality, Ari being threatened with rape, and the general misery that is prison it's hard to believe that a love could bloom. But it did.

The story moved quickly but with plenty of detail so I could envision the prison, not to mention the horrors that take place daily within. The backstory on the Kindred ship, while dire at times, also made me laugh due to the aftermath it caused between Sylvan and Olivia. Nothing worse than a twitchy kindred.

The resolution between Lathe and Ari was only after soul searching and a little help from the Goddess. I look forward to stories about new characters introduced and as always, enjoyed cameos from previous book characters.

Book Blurb for Imprisoned

A girl dressed as a boy

In a Triple Max prison full of savage predators

A Kindred warrior undercover, trying to protect

What he thinks is an innocent boy.

Lathe can't understand why he is so drawn to Ari

But when her secret comes out, will it kill them both?

You'll have to read Imprisoned to find out...

Lady Arianna Blackthorn is a woman on a mission--she intends to rescue her brother, Jak, from the infamous BleakHall prison. BleakHall is a Triple Max Penitentiary where only the worst of the worst are sent--a males-only facility where not even female prison guards are allowed. So how can Ari infiltrate this fortress? With the use of a holo-projector that makes her look male (the important parts anyway) she's determined to get in and she has a foolproof plan for getting both herself and Jak out...or so she thinks.

Commander Lathe is a Blood Kindred who lost his younger brother to the horrors of BleakHall. He is on a mission to go undercover and collect evidence against the cruel and ruthless prison guards who run it and the Yonnite Mistresses who own it. He also has a plan to get out but it's going to take some time and while he's waiting, a strange new inmate comes to BleakHall--a boy called Ari.

Ari is in over her head from the minute she steps through the prison gates. She is immediately singled out by Tapper, BleakHall's most ruthless sexual predator, as his next conquest. Only Lathe's timely intervention saves her from a fate worse than death...and death itself. Lathe moves Ari into his cell to keep her safe but he has no idea she is really a female and Ari doesn't dare to tell him.

Can Ari keep her secret from the big Kindred? Can Lathe sort through his confusing feelings for the "boy" he has taken under his wing? (Why does he smell like a female? Why can't Lathe stop thinking about him...stop wanting to touch him?) Can the two of them rescue Ari's brother and escape from the maze of sadistic guards, psychopathic prisoners, and ravenous lashers--the huge carnivorous snake-cats that roam the corridors of BleakHall at night waiting to devour any inmates attempting to get away?

You'll have to read Imprisoned, Brides of the Kindred 22, to find out...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.50