Illicit Love

Illicit, #4

The three previous stories in the series focused on the children of the Leader of Warriors, General of the Mighty Cluath, Drac. Now we are being treated to his story. In the books prior he was portrayed as cold and unfeeling and frankly he was. He lost his wife, whom he loved, when the children were young and basically disconnected. Now he meets Celestine and all that potential is turned back on with a vengeance. He cares, he worries, he needs and it also makes him re-evaluate his relationships with his offspring. As he fights the building danger that threatens the colony and the well-being of all humankind he also falls in love, even more deeply than he did with his late wife. I love to watch a big bad alpha fall.

Celestine is used to being used. She's been sold and bartered to a fearful Cluath warrior who instead of scaring her to death shocks her with kindness. While not my favorite in the series I really enjoyed meeting Drac after all the mental impressions I was given from his children's memories and encounters with him. This has been a really enjoyable series with awesome world building that just blew me away. While I would love to believe that humankind could put aside it's inherent selfishness to save everyone I wasn't surprised at the big reveal at the end of the story. I just wish there had been an epilogue to let the reader know if Drac was following through on his determination to reconnect to his children. Since there wasn't one I can only hope there might be another book in the future.

Book Blurb for Illicit Love

Drac has come to settle a matter of security concerning Lunar Colony 1 and everything surrounding it. But he doesn't expect one of the mercenaries threatening LC1 to offer him a bribe he can't refuse.

Celestine's mother sold her to Jorak, a leader in the group trying to take over the Lunar Colony, thus threatening Earth's future. In turn, Jorak sells her to Drac, trying to get him out of his hair. What she doesn't count on is falling in love with the dreaded Cluath warrior.

Will their Illicit Love be enough to bring down a conspiracy and save both their worlds?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00