If You Ever Tell

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If You Ever Tell

Teri Farr has lived a life of privilege, wealth, secrets, deceit and suspicion of murder. It's 8 years after the gruesome murder of her father, stepmother, and almost murder of her stepsister Celeste. Teri escaped with a minor cut on her arm; the reason everyone suspects her of murdering her father and stepmother, whom she didn't get along with. Celeste knows Teri didn't kill anyone, but after the shock and trauma, the young girl can't speak and has lived the last 8 years in an almost catatonic state. Now 16, something prompts Celeste to start talking about that night. Will the real murderer try and finish the job?

This is one mystery that had me totally in the dark. At the end, I can honestly say I never suspected the true murderer. This was well written, with lots of curves in the road of the unfolding mystery, and most certainly worth the ride.

Book Blurb for If You Ever Tell

Her parents were murdered. The killer confessed. The case is closed.

But the nightmare is beginning again...

It took everything in Teresa Farr's power to return to her hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Eight years earlier, she had walked in on the savage murders of her father and stepmother-both of whom she hated. She barely managed to save herself and her eight-year-old stepsister, Celeste. But even after notorious serial killer Roscoe Lee Byrnes confessed, people still wondered if Teri was the guilty one. And with Celeste unable to remember that night, or to speak at all, those suspicions never went away.


Now Celeste is beginning to remember. Now Byrnes has recanted his confession. And someone is using a series of bizarre, taunting events to exact terrifying "justice." As Teri desperately races to uncover the truth, she's finding that everyone she loves has secrets they would kill to keep buried. And in the bright mountain sunlight, an evil concealed all too well is reaching out to silence her and Celeste forever.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00