If Only for Tonight

Ash and Jadyn are in a hopeless situation. Being shifters they belong to packs, just not the same one. And their respective packs are determined to kill one another making their relationship doomed from the start. Is that what makes the other so attractive? When they are discovered hard choices are made and the idyllic lover's weekend ends in flames. Neither knows if the other survived as they go on with their lives after being separated. Ten years later their eyes meet across a table in Vegas. What next?

I had a hard time reconciling the professed love and devotion with the way they just fell apart and moved on. Ten years and neither made an effort to find the other? All said and done this was a steamy read that enabled two young lovers to right a past wrong and use their maturity to decide if they want to move forward together or separate forever. Punish one another or forgive. But which will they choose? An entertaining read.

Book Blurb for If Only for Tonight

Ten years ago Ash and Jadyn were madly in love. What should have been a beautiful time of carefree splendor was instead a fight for their lives. When the discovery of their love led to violence, they split up in order to survive. After eluding their attackers, Jadyn waited anxiously for his mate to come to him. She never did.

Neither of them is prepared for the reunion they never expected to happen. A chance encounter opens the door on a decade of pain, longing and love. Old wounds are made new again and a fire that was never truly extinguished blazes hot once more.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.50