Hunting a Mate

Quick & Furry, #6

OMG this had some absolutely hilarious moments. On the other hand, the way that Paige was treated by her own family was really hurtful at times, and her mother was quite a piece of work. Once Paige identifies the shifter who "does it" for her, she's all aflutter, but fate brings the unknown man right to her side. That has to mean something, don't you think?

Archer is Holt's brother from the previous book, and Paige's friend is Chloe, Holt's mate. How have these two not met before?! Anyway, Paige is really hesitant and reserved due to her "condition" and her family is absolutely no help. I got soooo angry on her behalf, I had to calm myself down and was making vocal exclamations throughout the book. Archer was just delightful and an absolute keeper. With the mating thing in full swing, the relationship goes from zero to sixty but Archer employs finesse and understanding when needed, and alpha attitude when all else fails. Paige starts out a wallflower but by the end finds her inner strength as well as her ability to stand up to her steamrolling mother. That's what a man who loves you can give you that no one else can. If he loves you, why shouldn't you love yourself? A good short read that was entertaining and steamy.

Book Blurb for Hunting a Mate

Does love at first sniff exist? Archer and Paige seem to think so. Well, more like Archer says yes and Paige says no. But don’t worry, they’ll work it out in the bedroom.

Wereferret Paige Baxter has an itty-bitty shifting problem. Mainly she spontaneously shifts, and that’s a problem. Her answer is to remain calm, practice yoga, and stay away from anything that could scare her… or surprise her… or arouse her. Of course, the super-hottie ?hunk of werecougar ?she runs into at the M&M Mating Agency ticks off all three “must never happen at once” boxes.

Paige does what any embarrassed, self-respecting woman would do in that situation—she runs. Unfortunately—or fortunately—cats love a good hunt.

The M&M Mating Agency: We deal in matings, not chocolate.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00