Hunted Witness

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Hunted Witness

A witness to a murder with no memory, Jasmine Dumont is a pawn in a game bigger than she can fathom.  Assigned protection by the DA in the form of Adam Black, an ex-cop and former disastrous date, Jasmine is cooped up in Adam’s remote home in the Florida Keys, trying to remember what she knows. 

Adam is an enigma who left Jasmine wanting once upon a time.  With personal issues to deal with as well as legal ones, Jasmine and Adam do a dance of seduction, mistrust and eventually physical completion of their previous encounter.  With a mystery to solve, there’s a lot going on.  But who is the real criminal?

The storyline was defined but the interaction between Adam and Jasmine was a little jumpy.  I never got a real handle on Adam’s character, and when his proclivities for sexual games was thrown in it was a little distracting.  Jasmine was more than she appeared at first glance, and was a surprise in the end.  Hunted Witness was an entertaining read. It could have used more definition with the characters and their reactions/interactions with one another.

Book Blurb for Hunted Witness

# of pages or word count: 62 pages
Contemporary erotic romance suspense
Heat rating: 3 Novas
Party girl Jasmine Dumont witnesses a murder at a sexy Cuban dance club. Tough ex-cop Adam Black must keep her alive until she can testify. But with the two of them cooped up on a tiny island in the romantic Florida Keys, Jasmine's daring desires and Adam's pent-up passions soon build into a blaze of longing that could consume them both!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.00