How Beauty Saved Beast

You’ve got to feel sorry for Damen but then it becomes obvious he isn’t that nice. He actually did do things to warrant that a curse be placed upon him. But did he deserve a curse this dire? Did the curse make him this horrendous in personality or was he always like this? As we read we discover these answers and more, and as Damen begins to act more human I began to hope for his redemption. Serena is a favorite right from the start. She’s a giver, even though most is taken from her without her consent. Her very nature makes her a nurturer and she soon finds her calling in being chosen to subdue the beast. And while she volunteered in place of her sister, the gamekeeper still chose her albeit reluctantly. And all have reason to be thankful that he did.

I found the abrupt introduction of sex to the virgin Serena an apt way to illustrate her situation. The marvel is her reaction to it. That sets the tone for the whole affair. The staff of the manor were abrupt and earthy, also victims of the curse. Serena, while not beautiful in the traditional sense, brings beauty back to the household as well as reviving everyone’s humanity, if slowly. This was a good adaptation of the original, with a splash of darkness and a generous helping of steam.

Book Blurb for How Beauty Saved Beast

This adult fairy tale has all the classics – a curse, a beast, and the beautiful woman destine to save him . . . Or does it?

Cursed with insatiable lust and slowly transforming into a beast, the master of the castle sends his gamekeeper out to the nearby villages to choose girls to satisfy him. When the gamekeeper chooses her sister, Serena offers herself instead and is swept away to the castle, sure she will be driven mad by the Beast's demands.

Except his demands are not so unwelcome, and Serena finds herself wanting to please him, confusing the Beast, and then terrifying him. If he gives her his heart, he will only lose it when he finally transforms and she abandons him. Why bring on more pain? She is there to be used, nothing more. But Serena refuses to be just an object for sexual satisfaction.

She wants to be everything to the Beast. She wants him to love her.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50