Hothar's Folly

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Hothar's Folly

Coletti Warlords series Book 9

Casey and Hothar are the youngest Coletti pairing so far and it adds in a certain teenage urgency to the mating bond. Hothar, while young, has been tutored by Zarek, the biggest baddie of all the Coletti. He has serious knowledge and skills, but is also envied and at times ridiculed for his familial connections. Casey is a Jones but also a bit more. That is explored in the book but just lightly. I would have liked more details about that aspect of her genetics.

Some bombs were dropped concerning Uncle Saul and his future mate as well as who are the traitors. Baby Thor makes an appearance with Haki that added some drama and humor to an already entertaining read.

The story was engaging, had several LOL moments and the occasional illicit steamy encounter which was always inevitably interrupted by family. What a downer. The story ends without Casey and Hothar cementing their bond due to the two year wait they have to endure until they are twenty one. Rules and all. Look forward to the continuation of the series.

Book Blurb for Hothar's Folly

Undercover psychic investigator Casey Jones’ hunt for a traitor in Central Command gets blown all to hell when the crew of the military C130 cargo plane she’s riding on tries to kill her. Drawing on her telekinesis, Casey stops their assassination attempt and bails out as the aircraft goes down in flames.

Casey meets her new partner at eight thousand feet, when Hothar is suddenly wrapped around her like a limpet. He declares he has come to rescue her from a watery death. All the butthead is going to accomplish is getting them both killed. She’s a battle-tested Siren and quite capable of catching the turncoat without his help.

Or maybe not. There’s suddenly a shitload of bad guys trying to kill them. Casey quickly realizes they are an unbeatable team. She’s a bit surprised when the young Coletti warrior brags that he knows how to perform over one hundred sex acts from his mind meld with the Overlord. Does she have a budding Don Juan on her hands? He’s certainly eager to try out every one of those positions. Come to think about it, so is she. But first, they must expose the traitor before billions die.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.50