Hot Rush

Used to her big mouth getting her in trouble, Casey has really done it this time.  Who knew following a stolen canoe could lead her into danger and desire?  Storming into the warehouse seemed like a good idea, but suddenly she’s depending on a man claiming to be a cop to keep her alive.  They have to make it look good once he says she’s his girlfriend storming in looking for him for sex.  But how good?

Rick is doing his job when in walks a redheaded spitfire yelling about her canoe.  Thinking fast, he says she can have her canoe upstairs.  Once there, he explains who he is and what she’s interrupted, and she has to go along or the consequences will be deadly.  He didn’t count on the instant attraction, or the feeling that she belongs in his arms, forever.

A cute quick read that was funny, hot, and had a splash of danger to make things interesting.  Used to attracting the wrong kind of guy, Casey has a hard time accepting that a good man would be interested in her.  But he is, and she could get used to that in a hurry.  Rick was a sweety but also sexy and strong.  A good quick read.


Book Blurb for Hot Rush

Rick Jensen is working undercover to break up the largest drug deal in the city’s history. Everything is going as planned until the hottest redhead he’s ever seen comes storming into the warehouse. If only he can stop thinking with his cock long enough to save her luscious ass and convince her that love at first sight really does exist.

Being sentimental has always been Casey Carmichael’s downfall. But this time her impulsiveness lands her right in the middle of a full contingent of heavily armed drug dealers. When one of them tosses her over his shoulder and carries her up to the office, the last thing she expects is out-of-control sex with the undercover cop trying to protect her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.25