Hot as Hell

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Hot as Hell

Security Specialists International, #4.5

Ah Sam Crocker. I remember him well and he made quite an impression. As did his nemesis Dawn Wilson. The name calling intrigued me and that little sideline continues throughout this book. Thank god.

I've loved this entire series and this book doesn't disappoint. Some people are meant for each other or meant to kill each other. It was a toss up for these two. These two former supporting characters were so intriguing they get their own book. Trying to take down a bad guy they are forced to encounter one another and that pesky attraction just keeps getting in the way. Plenty of steam with a side of violence. What's not to like?

This was good but quick read. Flowed very well and entertained totally. Loved the appearance of Ren and Keely and look forward to more in the series.

Book Blurb for Hot as Hell

Fed up with her incompetent boss, Interpol agent Dawn Wilson accepts a job with Security Specialists International. Her first assignment forces her into close contact with the devastatingly sexy, but far too pushy CIA agent Sam Crocker.

When the SSI team, plus a forced-on-leave Sam, gathers in Aruba to take down a traitor to the United States, Sam soon discovers the beautiful, feisty Dawn’s skills are a complete match for his own.

As the fairly low-risk operation goes FUBAR, their attraction ignites and turns hot as hell.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50