Honeymoon Suite

Laurie and Matt finally found one another after going through other potential mates at an alarming rate. Seems chastity and waiting for sex until after marriage was a deal breaker for the majority of the population. Once they found one another they made sure they were perfectly suited before planning their wedding. Now that the day has finally arrived, it is naturally followed by the night. The wedding night. Will it live up to all their expectations?

In this day and age naivet‚ is totally impossible. Commercials alone are enough to shock some. While they are aware of sex and indeed, have studied and self-pleasured, the mysteries surrounding making love with your spouse is the mystery they both are anticipating. That special someone you will be with for the rest of your life, and if you are lucky, beyond. While it was cute and romantic, and both Matt and Laurie's anxiety was totally expected, their politeness was a bit of a surprise. But then these are people who observe all of life's proprieties. I had high hopes when Matt got a little aggressive between photos and the reception, but for all the build up the sex was pretty staid. A little more than PG, but not quite an R rating, this was a peek into a virtuous couples consummation of their long-awaited and well-earned vows.

Book Blurb for Honeymoon Suite

Laurie had practically given up on finding someone who was willing to save sex for marriage. Then she found Matt, an amazingly wonderful and sexy man who was willing to wait until after they said "I do." Now that the ceremony and reception have finally ended, she can't wait to get him up to their hotel room, hang up the "Do Not Disturb" sign and spend the night acting out all the dirty fantasies that have filled her head since their engagement.

Matt can't think of anything he wants more than to please his new wife. She's always been shy and private, but on their wedding night, she turns into an irresistible vixen. Nothing would make him happier than spending the entire night exploring every curve of her luscious body.

The two newlyweds are finally alone together and the whole evening lies ahead. Laces and buttons come undone.and Matt and Laurie discover some things are most definitely worth waiting for.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.25