Holiday Abduction

Alien Abduction, #6

Vhyl. That’s his name, but he’s anything but. Another bluish purple alien come to steal some lucky woman away. Or not. Vhyl is indeed related to the other heroes of this series, but he’s a little more narcissistic than the others are. Don’t get me wrong, I liked him. Just not as much as the others.

Vhyl is all about, well, Vhyl. He views the universe as indeed revolving around him and is a bit thrown by Jilly’s outlandish (in his opinion) attitude. But she starts to grow on him, and he finds himself acting uncharacteristically. He goes about his mission but can’t bear to leave Jilly behind. Hmmm.

Jilly’s grandmother stole the show for me, and she’s no longer living. The little quotes at the beginning of each chapter were delightful and provided a bit of foreshadowing for what was to come. Grandma’s “pearls of wisdom” were alternated with quotes from Vhyl’s favored literary works associated with his career of acquisition AKA stealing. His mother is so proud (really!).

The steam factor was there, but the characters could have used a bit more depth. I kind of felt Jilly was a tad bit in shock, what with all that happened in such a short time. But her snark remained intact, and as all us snarky girls know, it’s hard to resist. Vhyl never had a chance. I really recommend this book if you’ve been following the series, as there is also a delightful epilogue that brings all the abducted characters together at Christmas. What a treat.

Book Blurb for Holiday Abduction

Vhyl is determined to acquire a certain lost artifact, but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth, he finds more than expected. An attractive human female is in possession of the priceless object, and she’s agreed to hand it over—for a price.

Apparently she doesn’t know of his reputation…or doesn’t care.

Intrigued by her fearless nature—and her luscious cocoa skin—this acquisition expert can’t resist stealing a kiss. But before he can take more, his enemy arrives to stake a claim.

It seems Vhyl isn’t the only one interested in Jilly’s treasure—and Jilly herself. On the run not only from Earth forces but his enemies too, they must fight to survive and evade capture.

However, he can’t escape the effect the human has on him.

In the end, Vhyl has to make a choice—Jilly or the priceless treasure he came for?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00