His Rebellious Concubine

Shiyan is a half-blood princess of the twelfth house. But that doesn’t mean she’s weak. Her blood, and her will, are stronger than most. Razan is a full-blood prince of the first house, and an ass. Gorgeous, an exceptional soldier, and a conceited ass. He wants Shiyan, but she wants nothing to do with him. He acts like a spoiled child denied a treat, and she revels in her power. Until the day he catches her, and makes her his concubine. But she still holds the one thing he desires more than her body. Her heart.

Yep, Razan was an ass. But he’s a man so we must forgive him. He is the way he is because he loves and doesn’t recognize it for what it is. He fights himself more than he fights Shiyan, and she is just smart enough to avoid him.

This was a powerful read as I felt Razan’s angst and emotion clearly. Too bad he couldn’t recognize it sooner. With the vampire royalty thrown in for conflict and the blood play added to the bed scenes, this was an exceptionally hot read. Once Shiyan submitted and Razan woke up, a more suited couple you will never find. Don’t miss this one.

Book Blurb for His Rebellious Concubine

Length: Quickie
Razan, the full-blood crown prince of the first house of Vladhal, has never had to work so hard for a woman in his entire existence. Shiyan is a half-blood, of the twelfth house, no less. She should be thanking him for offering her a place in his bed. But she is haughty and arrogant, her aloofness heating his blood, driving him to claim the one woman who doesn’t seem to want him.
Shiyan is turned off by Razan’s conceit, for she is more than what she seems. He may have captured her body and claimed her as his concubine, but she vows he shall never have her ultimate surrender. For Razan wants the one thing she refuses to give—her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50