His Purrfect Mate

Mating Heat Book 2

Shannon has been in hiding her whole life. She has a secret that no one can discover or she's dead. Literally. She's a puma but can't shift and is living her life the best she can when she finds herself in a situation where werewolves are hunting her. Rendered unconscious in a grocery store parking lot she wakes up to a life that will never be the same. And does she really want it to when her new life has Anton in it?

Anton is in line to be alpha of his pack. He's in charge of the young males and is incensed when he finds out they abducted a woman to hunt. As she's wrapped around him like a python he finally figures out why. And he's a wolf! He smells puma and although it's faint, it's there. Why then after the initial recoil is his wolf on board with claiming her? Mating her? The fur is about to fly.

I love books by this author. They are so naughty and politically incorrect. Sexy, steamy, with a hint of danger and a damn-the-consequences attitude usually make up her heroes. While her heroines aren't stupid or annoying, they usually are in a pickle and need a big strong man to save her. That's the attraction to me as a reader and this one delivers as usual. While not her best book it is still a keeper and if you want to read something totally enjoyable then this is a must read for you.

Book Blurb for His Purrfect Mate

Shannon may be quarter puma, but can’t shift. She’s just a human with a few extra genes. But she knows how dangerous shifters are, and now she’s their prey, captured by a group of werewolves for a deadly hunt. Then she’s rescued by the biggest werewolf of them all. He’s the sexiest male she’s ever seen—jet-black hair, muscular body, piercing dark eyes and a growl that heats her blood.

Anton’s body responds fervently to Shannon and he vows to protect her with his life—only to discover she’s the enemy. As the future alpha of his pack, Anton knows a cat will never be accepted. There’ll be hell to pay. But it’s mating heat, and he’s about to lose all control to that driving sexual need. His wolf wants her, can smell her desire. There’s no way to stop it now—his animal won’t be denied.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25