His Alone

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His Alone

Paige has had a tumultuous upbringing filled with danger and despair. Witnessing her mother’s murder is just the beginning of her determination to kill the man responsible; her own father. Overlapping slightly with her half-brother’s book titled “Everything for Her” Paige’s story centers around her need for revenge as well as Ryan Justice, her boss and nemesis.

Ryan is a mystery that isn’t fully revealed until almost the end of the book. His intentions are anything but mysterious though. He’s desired Paige for years and has been slowly working towards making her his own. He fights for her and with her, never wavering. That’s so romantic and very attractive.

Paige has never revealed herself totally to anyone but Ryan is managing to make her do just that. Piece by piece and bit by bit she exposes her vulnerabilities and desires, until she ends up where she never thought she would find herself; in love.

I would definitely recommend reading the previous book. Situations and circumstances overlap, so I think the reader would benefit greatly from indulging. Fast paced with humor and sexy times, Ryan and Paige find their way to one another eventually. And Ryan proves he will do anything for the woman he loves. A must read.

Book Blurb for His Alone

Ryan Justice may be her boss, but nothing will stop him from making her his. USA TODAY and #1 ebook bestselling author Alexa Riley entices with a brand-new, full-length novel. 

She thinks I'm perfect. A good boss, a good man. She thinks that I play by the rules. 

She has no idea who I truly am. Why I'm really here. 

Paige Turner is trying to outrun her past, but there it is, tossed back in her face anytime she manages to get two steps ahead.  

She has no idea what a man like me will do to get what he wants. 

Her need for Ryan got in the way of revenge, took her off course. Redirected her focus. Before she knew it, he'd made his way into her life. Into her heart. 

I'm dirtier than she knows. She thinks I'm good to the core, but she doesn't know the things I've done. The things I would do for her. 

True love doesn't let secrets as big as these stay buried. And when the truth about Paige's father is finally exposed, Ryan will do anything to fix everything. Paige has always been his—and his alone. 


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50