Hired Hands

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Hired Hands

Cole has kept his distance because he respected Nora's husband, and promised to keep an eye on her and the ranch. It seems disloyal to lust after her, but he's about to make his move.

The man Nora sees through the window isn't Cole, but his identical twin Jesse. And he's not going to take his time like his brother. He knows Cole wants Nora, and he's just the man to get things going..

Will the threesome end in ecstasy or disaster? Can Nora and Cole have a future? This quick read was fan yourself hot. I was a little put off by the thought of the two brothers when I knew Nora had feelings for Cole, and vice versa. But Jesse was just the catalyst. Will Cole state his claim? Hired Hands is definitely worth reading to find out.

Book Blurb for Hired Hands

Forty-two year old, Nora Lambert struggles daily to keep the family ranch running smoothly and has learned to rely on young, sexy Cole Shanahan. It's been eighteen months since her husband passed, and the loneliness is killing her. More and more often, her sexual fantasies include Cole, but he hasn't shown any interest in her.

Out of respect for her late husband, Cole has denied his attraction to Nora. Until his identical twin, Jesse, makes a move that Cole never dared. Finding the woman he wants in his brother's arms spurs Cole into action. He's willing to let Nora have both him and his brother. Once. Then he's staking his claim.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50