Hide Out

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Hide Out

Convinced he’s being called on the carpet, Officer Peter Giordano is surprised when instead his captain is offering him an assignment that could put him on the road to promotion. The catch? He is to protect a somewhat hostile witness, Trevor Haas, who is also a gorgeous man. Why is he hostile? The last time he was in police protection he almost got killed. The two head off to a remote town called Honeysuckle where Pete has a dilapidated house that he is going to fix up. While hostile, Trevor isn’t blind. His officer is one hot man. With a somewhat rocky start, the two stumble into a relationship the likes of which neither has ever experienced before. Could it be love?

Being a small town resident, I get such a kick when an author gets it sooooo right. Honeysuckle is described beautifully, right down to the nosy neighbors and the restaurant that is the heart of the town. Small towns are quiet, but also a hot bed of secrets. In this particular small town, someone in Pete and Trev’s neighborhood is willing to kill to protect their secrets. Unable to resist, Trev and Pete sticks their noses into things. When Trev’s former employers P.I.’s Wash and Rhodes show up out of concern, things really get complicated.

What a fun and sexy read. Yes, fun. Wash and Rhodes added to the already entertaining interplay between Pete and Trevor. Watching two big men tiptoe around the elephant in the room is always a delight. Their unapologetic attitude about who they are and what they mean to one another was refreshing. How they had time to work on the mystery is well, a mystery, what with the all the sex going on. With a few dips into the voyeuristic pool with Wash and Rhodes, this delivered a great story and mystery along with a satisfyingly happy ending.

Book Blurb for Hide Out

Length: Plus Size
When Officer Peter Giordano is assigned to keep Trevor Haas safe until he can testify against his murderous father, he expects the hardest part of his job will be keeping his hands off the gorgeous witness. The two men hide out in the small, sleepy town of Honeysuckle, fixing up their dilapidated safe house by day…exploring each other’s bodies by night.
Their small-town neighbors have some secrets of their own, however, including one that someone is willing to kill to protect. Soon, a neighbor is dead and Pete and Trevor are thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. The two men struggle to keep Trevor’s true identity a secret, knowing his father will stop at nothing to silence the star witness against him—even if that means killing his own son.
Note: Pete and Trevor won’t have to go it alone. Wash and Rhodes, the crush-worthy heroes from Private Dicks, are along for the ride once again.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.50