Hero Unmasked

Heroes of Saturn, #3

Dhavin is beefcake and he revels in it. He’s a flirt, through and through. Unfortunately the object of his desire, Fiona, is totally not interested as she thinks he’s a player. And who wouldn't think that? Fiona is straight up and honest and expects others to be as well. As Dhavin is keeping a huge secret about himself and his cousins, as in they are from another planet, he sees no problem in coming up with an alternate method of wooing Fiona.

Fiona thinks Dhavin is cute but he has nothing on the Chameleon. The mysterious superhero who has chosen her small town to live in gets her heart beating. When he approaches her about a relationship, secret of course, she figures why not? You only live once. But then her feelings get real, and they get hurt, and she gets smart. Fear a woman who feels betrayed.

This was a wonderful addition to the series. Very steamy and creative with the confections (although I’m not a big fan of food play during sex), the author moved the story along nicely and threw in a little drama concerning a local villain. I expect we’ll be hearing from him again. I really liked the resolution the author came up with to protect everyone involved, and I was really wondering how she was going to pull that off. I am still hoping for Bane’s story……

Book Blurb for Hero Unmasked

When Dhavin Kilsgaard landed on Earth, he knew trading his life as a royal guard for a position as a small town police officer would take some adjusting. But not even his skills at foiling assassination attempts and protecting princesses prepared him for the complexity that is the human female. Fiona Corrione’s shy smile makes him hunger for more than a taste of the delicious chocolate she sells in her candy store, but the woman won’t fall for his Llanos charm.

When his empathetic abilities sense her lusty cravings for his superhero alter ego, he doesn’t hesitate to seduce her from behind the mask. Once she falls in love with him, she’ll forgive him for the ruse, right?

Fiona is beyond livid when she discovers the flirtatious officer and her hunky hero lover are one and the same. Before she kicks Dhavin to the curb, she’ll prove Earth girls aren’t easy and revenge is sweetest when served with leather straps and whipped cream.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00