Hero Revealed

Heroes of Saturn, #1

A pesky superhero keeps showing and up and doing Brett’s job. As the female sherriff in a small town her job is hard enough. She’s vowed to put her job first and this mysterious character is interring big time in addition to making her look incompetent and foolish. She suspects who he is and dreads the confrontation since he’s the one man who makes her heart beat fast and her panties damp. What are the odds?

Kristos is not of this world. The slight variations in our atmosphere make him able to perform what appear to be superhuman tasks. He uses this advantage to protect the woman his two hearts tells him is his other half. So she avoids him like the plague and throws herself in front of danger at every opportunity; that just makes his job of winning her more of a challenge. Can a man intent on protecting his love successfully have a relationship with a professional law person?

This was fun reading. A little kitschy and campy, it still managed to be sexy and mysterious as well. Brett is onto something in her small town and the danger is real, to her and the citizens. When push comes to shove she’s forced to admit her feelings for Kristos and then things really heat up. While Kristos is from another planet it appears all men are the same regardless of their origins. The sci-fi aspects kept the story fresh and modern. A creative little tale.

Book Blurb for Hero Revealed

As a female sheriff in a small town, Brett Briggs faces enough obstacles turning complacent good ol’ boys into a top-notch police force without the added insult of a vigilante apprehending her criminals. Her prime suspect? Kristos Kilsgarrd, the sexy river guide who has been open in his desire to move her away from her badge and into his bed.

In his former position as royal guard, Kristos once failed a woman he cared for and as punishment was banned from his home on one of Saturn’s moons. He vows not to make the same mistake with Brett and uses his superpowers to protect her, no matter the foe. Or the cost.

But Brett didn’t become sheriff by letting a man take care of her, and although the hot-as-hell Kristos is persuasive, she’s not going to start now—even after burning it up between the sheets with him. When her town is threatened, they cry out for a hero and she sets out to prove to everyone, Kristos included, that she’s the woman for the job.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50