Hell's King

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Hell's King

Hell's Son Book 3

I have thoroughly enjoyed this clever trilogy. The main character's chemistry is delightful and each accepts the others "flaws" be they real or not.

While no one they know seems too thrilled they are together, the fates made sure they ended up united in more than matrimony.

Married life has ended up being a bit boring for Chris. What passes for excitement is depressing and he seems stripped of all his developing powers. Kind of hard to rule hell without anything to back him up. But is ruling hell really all he thinks it will be?

Full of twists and turns, the author surprised me on more than one occasion. A few revelations came out of left field and I enjoyed all the effort the author went into to make this as entertaining as it was.

The story moved quickly and brought forth characters from previous books to help round out the story line as it developed. I see many more opportunities for future books in this universe and look forward to them.

Book Blurb for Hell's King

An urban fantasy featuring the most unlikely hero from New York Times best selling author, Eve Langlais.

In order to be king, Lucifer must die.

The Antichrist is supposed to rule the world, but Chris kind of told the ghost of his father-in-law he’d rather have the love of his wife.

And he’d meant it…at the time.

However, Chris was born with a destiny. He is the prince in waiting. The Destroyer of Nations.

A failure with no magic, no armies, and, now, no longer even a psychotic mother he can call upon.

Is he destined for a mundane life?

Good thing fate has other plans. Plans that include him becoming Hell’s King.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2019 4.50