Helen was a hoot. A no-nonsense woman who realizes she's let life pass her by thinking she'd have time. Like most of us, she's average in looks and above average in weight so that didn't have men dropping at her feet, either. She chose to focus on her career and when the world ends, she's in a cage with a baby elephant trying to avoid being eaten by her boss. Zombies rule the earth now and she's resigned to a slow death until commandos come to her rescue.

Okay, the zombie apocalypse is a little depressing, but Helen is living the dream now. Not one but two younger men are looking at her like she's the hottest thing ever and since she went on the "zombie diet" she's got to say she's happy with her new figure, too. When she's escorted back to the compound, instead at being outraged at what the captain is doing, she sees the truth of it and embraces it openly. Peter and Adam are not as developed as characters for me as Helen, but she's the one I identified with anyway.

This story intertwines with the original story "Base", which I recommend. There is dark humor and a medical emergency that certainly piqued my interest in the first book. Glad to have that mystery cleared up. No spoilers, but the incident highlighted Helen's crusty facade while exposing Peter's boyish interior. While Helen, Peter and Adam are developing a relationship they aren't there yet, this is just a start of potentially something more. A good addition to an intriguing version of life-after-zombie. I hope to see more since there are a lot of unanswered questions that still plague me.

Book Blurb for Heat

The world’s gone to hell, and Helen MacKenzie's only chance of survival is the two sexy commandos determined to keep her safe by taking her to the newly secured Base.

There's an unwritten rule at the Base where women are scarce. The soldier who finds a woman gets to keep her, only this time two commandos want Helen.

When zoologist Helen volunteers to remain at the zoo to protect the animals until help comes to rescue her from flesh-eating braindeads, she doesn't expect her work colleagues to turn too, thanks to the virus that’s changed her world—and everyone else’s—into a living hell. On the day Corporal Peter Clark and Corporal Adam Tenny rescue Helen, she doesn't know which commando she wants more, until she discovers she can have them both.

Heat is a ten thousand word story that is linked to the novel, Base.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00