Hearts and Harbingers

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Hearts and Harbingers

It's hard to keep your head above water when someone keeps pushing you under. Millicent is the youngest of the two Harbinger siblings but apparently she's the only one with common sense. Or a conscience. Her older, wastrel brother Duncan has done it again and they are even closer to the brink of no return. His answer? Marry her off to the disgusting Lord Wart. Her answer? Choose her own destiny and leave her brother behind.

Jasper is an Earl in the making and is quite happy with his life. Or is he? Every night it is a search for peace and happiness, but it's not being found in the countless women he beds or in the bottom of the bottles he drinks. When he is given the opportunity to purchase Mill's virginity he feels compelled to do so. And so starts the process that will make a man out of Jasper, and a woman out of Mill.

What a delightful story. I

loved Mill's attitude and refusal to be a victim. Women of this era are always painted as chattel but Mill refused that label. She took control and wrested control from her useless brother. Lord Wart was well named, and I appreciated the cleverness of using that name. Any descriptions were just added to my mental image. What good-looking respectable person could bear the name Wart? Duncan was a complete waste of skin and Jasper was a knight and didn't even know it. The joyous embracing of her sensuality made Mill a jewel for the time, and Jasper was no fool. A good read not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Hearts and Harbingers

On the very outskirts of polite society, Millicent Harbinger has always found a way to cover the gaming debts of her wastrel brother Duncan. His most recent losing streak is bound to ruin them, however, and her brother’s solution is to arrange for Mill to marry the odious Lord Wart. In desperation, Mill decides to sell her virtue at a well-reputed brothel and kill two birds with one stone—she will have enough money to cover the debt, and her status as a fallen woman will dissuade Lord Wart from claiming her as his bride.

Jasper Goldeby, Marquess of Holder, takes one look at Mill’s piercing green eyes and purchases her favors at double the asking price—a fortune that could support the Harbingers for life. The night Mill and Jasper share astonishes and transforms them both—and Jasper quickly realizes one night could never be enough.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00