Healing the Broken

Brides of the Kindred / A Kindred Christmas Tale

Sazar has been through the wringer and actually isn't through it yet. The loss of his wife has caused him to shut down emotionally from everything, including his young son. To look at his son is to see his dead wife, and while not intentionally, he's hurting young Tsandor. Sarah is a breath of fresh air, enough to revive him from his grief?

Sarah has had a rough go and she sees the writing on the wall where she's living. She's a victim waiting to happen and takes steps to save herself. When she ends up with Sazar, she's quickly forced to unlearn a lifetime of conditioning and it frees her in more ways than she could have ever imagined. Enough to actually live and love.

Loved the story and how it tied into the spirit of Christmas even though the kindred have no clue about what that holiday means to us humans. It's kind of funny how they interpret the whole legend but they totally embrace the spirit of giving. Once again the author thought up a totally weird world and society that really puts our characters at the disadvantage, while making them use their inner strength to persevere and even conquer the obstacles in the way of their true love as chosen by the Goddess. The Goddess was much more prevalent in this one, in my opinion, and I loved that she cares about and pays attention to all those under her divine care.

The introduction to a new Kindred was fun, and the parallel to our version of vampirism adding to the fun. The chemistry between Sazar and Sarah was smoking, of course, since the Goddess is involved. Always happy to read a book in this world that just keeps growing.

Book Blurb for Healing the Broken

This is a Plus Length Novel--over 100,000 words long

A warrior and his young son, both broken by loss

A girl running from her past and trying to find a future

It’s Christmas and the stakes are high.

Can Sarah learn to love Sazar and his young son Tsandor…

Or will her past ruin her last chance at happiness?

You’ll have to read Healing the Broken to find out.

Sarah Michaels is running for her life.

Abducted into a cult called The Brotherhood of Peace at age twelve, she has grown up in an abusive system. Now as an adult, she is desperate to get away before she must become a “Bride of the Prophet” and is forced to have sex with the leader, the lecherous Father Caleb. Sarah runs from the cult…and straight into the arms of a tall, dark, angry Kindred warrior.

Commander Sazar is the ultimate diplomat but not a very good boss. In fact, he’s awful because he has the habit of biting his personal assistants. As a Pitch-Blood Kindred, he needs blood on a regular basis and since his beautiful wife is dead, he is forced to take it from the female who is closest to him. Five secretaries have quit because of his blood requirements and he’s desperate to find a new one before he goes on his latest diplomatic mission to Alquon Ultrea. Desperate enough to take on a girl with very little experience and no resume to speak of because she’s willing to let him bite her and drink her blood.

Desperation might have brought them together but Sazar and Sarah soon find they have much in common. It’s Christmas time and a deep mutual attraction draws them together. But when a misunderstanding tears them apart and Sarah is taken by the Brotherhood of Peace, can Sazar save her? And can Sarah help him by Healing the Brokenness inside?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50