Healing Seduction

Kiera was as happy as a woman in love can be. And then one day her husband was killed, and she died too. Inside. Now that he’s been gone for two years, she’s beginning to show signs of life again. Intrigued by the relationships her friends share with their men, relationships of shared women and sexual dominance, she decides to join the living by pursuing an interlude. The men she really wants are Lucca and Quade. Friends of her and her former husband, she gets the occasional feeling they desire her, but it is quickly hidden. Determined to proceed with her plan, she sets up a situation that will hopefully result in her greatest desire. Lucca and Quade and herself. Forever.

Trusted friends, Lucca and Quade have desired Kiera for years. While they share women, it was never discussed that they would like to share her. She was their friend’s widow, and thus they felt guilt even contemplating it. But they both wanted her. Unable or unwilling, they never approach her. But they are both feeling the strain of staying away from the one woman they both want with all their hearts.

Being friends means being able to talk about anything. But this was a subject that wasn’t going to just come up. So Kiera takes the bull by the horns and starts things moving. And gets all that she wanted, and more. But guilt and self-recrimination haunt Quade. Once she gets them both where she wants them, she has to fight to keep them. A quick read that was steamy but not as much as I expected. Part of the Crime Tells world, it can be read alone.

Book Blurb for Healing Seduction

For years Lucca and Quade have shared women and enjoyed games of sexual dominance. While she was married, Kiera was off-limits, even in their fantasies. Now that she’s single, guilt and loyalty keep them from acting on their desire.

At twenty-six, Kiera has been a widow for almost as long as she was a wife. Before pain and loss stripped her bare and changed her, she’d never craved the things Lucca and Quade want in the bedroom. Now she does. She knows they love her. But for them to have a future together, she needs to break through their emotional barriers.

Unknown to them, she’s got a plan. And if it works, Quade and Lucca won’t be able to resist her healing seduction.

Note:  Set in the Crime Tells world, with brief cameos from Lyric (Lyric’s Cop), and Calista and Benito (Calista’s Men).

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00