Heads or Tails

Quick & Furry, #4

Gotta say I didn't see that coming. The horror that is the Colletti/Davis family continues with Hilary. She's the omega and as such has been sequestered most of her life. While by definition she's at the lowest level of the pack hierarchy her human half sometimes overrules. While passive for the most part she does have her limits. And then Oscar kicks down her door.

Oscar is just doing his job and then he smells his mate. And the psycho train pulls out of the station. This book had more nuances due to Hilary's status and the marked evolution of her lioness. Oscar is of course on point and ready to pounce but pesky bad guys and bullets keep getting in his way. Oscar was your standard male with attitude and hotness. What girl could resist?

My favorite of the two main characters was of course Hilary; the author invested so much more into her character than her mate's. She goes from blah to bling in the awesome department and I suspect her Omega status is no longer an issue or at least in serious danger. I liked the interaction with other characters from previous book and hope for more.

Book Blurb for Heads or Tails

Quick & Furry: Love, Laughs, and a Bit of Rawr on the Go.

Werelioness Hilary Stewart is making her escape and nothing is gonna stop her. Except maybe a locked door. No matter, she’s resourceful, she’ll figure out something. When nothing comes to mind, she’s thrilled to find herself rescued. After being a Colletti captive for nearly her whole life, it’s amazing to find herself breathing air that isn’t tainted with violence and anger. Instead, it’s filled with the scrumptious scent of her heavily muscled, gorgeous, and possessive as hell werelion mate. Oscar freed her and now he’s gonna belong to her… As long as the Collettis don’t kill her first.

The Quick & Furry series needs to be read in order

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00