Assassin's Awakening

Project Alpha, #2

It’s good to be wealthy in 2133.  Protected dome city, lots of food, total protection.  If you’re not wealthy?  You live outside, where the planet is slowly recovering from the abuse heaped on it.  Food is hard to come by, as is safety.  Small colonies have gathered and the people work together to survive.  In one such colony is Mercy Dockins.  She’s a healer and “mother” to a small group of orphans.  When two of her charges bring her a man on the verge of death she doesn’t question.  She heals.  But she does tie him up first. 

Logan is part of a discontinued group of super soldiers called Alphas.  He escaped the lab that created him and now works with another Alpha to bring down the walls of the city.  All should have access to food, medicine, and protection; not just the elite.  When he is shot by a patrol he figures his days are over.  But then he wakes up tied to a bed, and there is a beautiful blonde angel standing over him.  Maybe he did die. 

The first time Logan and Mercy interact is off the scale hot.  That set the tone for the whole story.  Life is uncertain and they both don’t bother denying the attraction between them.  When Logan’s presence threatens to bring trouble to the settlement, the action kicks up a notch. 

Love at first sight is one of my favorite storylines.  This one delivered in a major way.  Being Alpha Logan was kind of domineering, but in a sexy way.  Mercy was no doormat, and I respected her values and commitment to the children she was fostering.  A dismal look into the future, but love makes it bearable.  A not-to-be-missed read. 

Book Blurb for Assassin's Awakening

This book was previously released in 2009 by another publisher under the title Have Mercy. It has been revised and updated for re-release with Carina Press.

The pulse-racing Project Alpha trilogy continues as a rebel fugitive comes under the care of a woman whose touch means the difference between life and death.

Logan is pure Alpha, a genetically enhanced human who has escaped from the brutal gated city in which he was designed, and from the creators who want him dead. Running for his life across a ravaged Earth, Logan’s goal is to survive. It’s in his blood. Until he awakens wounded, bound and naked, exposed to a beautiful stranger. Now he's vulnerable to sensations he’s never felt before.

Mercy Dockins has tended to many wounded men, but none as intoxicatingly perfect as Logan. Or as responsive to her curative strokes. But as passion ignites between them, Mercy’s very purpose in the bleak new world order is shaken to its core: Logan has brought her not only ecstasy, but danger, too. He's drawn the enemy to her sanctuary, and now their love could soon be just another casualty of war.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50