Hard to Get

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Hard to Get

Contemporary Erotica

This story was much deeper than I expected given the synopsis. It dealt with betrayal, failure to trust, and last but not least, sexual dysfunction. How does one go about making sexual dysfunction hot? Well, Ms. Brooks managed, and did a fabulous job of it.

Ty and Lizzy (Elizabeth) grew up next door to one another. When Lizzy's stepfather got violent, Ty spirited her away to California to save her. He was seventeen, she was fourteen. They were best friends, then lovers. They had each other, and grew up on the streets together, living as they could.

When Ty decided to steal Lizzy an engagement ring, he was shot and taken to juvenile prison, leaving Lizzy alone to fend for herself, and thinking he had abandoned her. Thus the beginning of her trust issues.

While somewhat simplistic, sexual dysfunction of this magnitude should probably involve the participation of a therapist, I thought the solutions to Lizzie's issues well thought out and believable. This was no simple fix, and every time Ty thought he was closer to getting them back to where he thought they should be, Lizzy put up another roadblock. Who says you need to go back to be happy? The best direction in any relationship is forward, and it was a pleasure to read Ty and Lizzy's blazingly hot journey to happiness.

Book Blurb for Hard to Get

Who needs boys when you've got toys... Lizzy Cross has given up on men. She can't trust them. She can't depend on them. And when it comes to sexual fulfillment, they don't come close to a night alone with her fantasies and a wide variety of immensely pleasurable substitutions. Then on the night of her sister's bachelorette party, Lizzy finds herself staring at the very naked and very familiar torso of her ex. Cockier than ever as a cowboy stripper in leather chaps (and nothing else), Ty is determined to win Lizzy back by taking his act off the stage and putting it back between the sheets. With Lizzy's hard edges and her penchant for toys, it's a good thing Ty likes playthings too. But will he be able to get past the kink that stands between them and show her the true pleasure a flesh-and-blood man can give her?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.75