Hard Fall

Brooke Miller is trying to shake up her life. She’s broken up with her ho-hum boyfriend, she’s opening her own gallery (even though she won’t display her own paintings) and next on her list is to do something risky and spontaneous. Picking up a gaudily dressed cowboy in a Boston bar, who she’ll never see again, qualifies for sure. 
Dressed in a flowered western shirt and cowboy hat as punishment for losing a bet, Liam Derby is stood up by his brother Crusher. Determined to finish his drink and get the heck out of there, he spots Brooke at the bar, and decides to make a move. What follows is an explosive connection that goes beyond anonymous sex, but could it be the start of something real?
The night Liam spent with Brooke haunts him, but she thinks he’s from out of town. That paints him in a bad light from the start as a liar, even though he didn’t actually say he was from out of town.  He’s driving his construction crew nuts while he moons over Brooke, until fate lends him a hand. 
Surprised when she meets her cowboy in her soon to open gallery, Brooke has difficulty dealing with the situation and runs. But she can’t run from herself and what Liam makes her feel. But will they be able to move from one night into forever?
Ms. Drake makes the forbidden fantasy of a night with a stranger a great escape. Chemistry in unexpected places can change lots of things, and she does a good job of illustrating that fact. Liam and Brooke compliment each other, and I found this to be a delightful read. 

Book Blurb for Hard Fall

Have sex with a stranger? Never. But Brooke is fed up with life and looking for a change. When she meets a from-out-of-town cowboy in a Cambridge bar, she decides he's exactly what she needs — a quick, anything goes, one-night-only distraction.
Liam thought wearing a cowboy hat to his favorite sports bar because he lost a bet was pure humiliation, but when a hot, short-skirt-wearing woman tells him he's just what she wants, he changes his mind. But one night isn't enough for Liam and he's willing to change the rules of their game to get what he wants.
Publisher Note: A much shorter version of this story was previously published in an anthology elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00