Greek Temptation

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Greek Temptation

Samantha Bastille is haunted. Not by a ghost, but by a vision. A vision she paints and is then informed that what she sees is actually a real place. And is invited to go there. Determined to put an end to her sleepless nights, she follows her trusted friend to a remote private island in Greece, and is indeed confronted with the physical evidence that the ruins she sees are real. But she is confronted with much more than that, and must make a life and death decision with the course of a few days. And time is running out; for her.
Lykaios Diotrephes is the alpha of his pack. An alpha without a mate. Well, a feminine mate. He has selected his male mate, his second in command, Arcas Sokratous. Now he must convince Samantha that all he says is true, including her mortal danger as the ceremony known as Herangetta draws near. If she does not mate with him, she will die. But more than fear of death is her fear of her own body’s response to Lykaios, as well as Arcas. What kind of woman is she?
A very lucky one! While a short read, this delivered a wide variety of erotic interludes. While steamy, it also conveyed an intriguing story, and I really got what Samantha was going through, as well as the angst Lykaios was feeling. For a quick diversion, this really delivered.

Book Blurb for Greek Temptation

Haunted by dreams, Samantha Bastille paints a castle ruin only to discover the ruin exists—in Greece. Lykaios Diotrephes owns the ruin and invites her to stay at his villa. He’s tall, dark and gorgeous and just a glance sends shivers down her spine.

Mate with me or die.

Lykaios is alpha and with only one day left until the Herangetta mating ritual, he must convince Samantha to mate with him and Arcas—a younger male, as beautiful as Lykaios, who is his second, his lover. He knows that if she doesn’t, she’ll die. How do you convince someone to believe in lycan customs if they don’t believe in lycans? Lykaios and Arcas set out to seduce Samantha. She must accept them both…for life.

Reader Advisory: This book contains male/male sex and a public sex scene.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.00