Gray's Girl

Who didn’t have a crush from their childhood who was a sibling of a friend? The difference here is these two acts on it. Leighton, or Gray, had a thing for Frankie forever. She however remembers him as a scrawny kid from the worst part of town. Imagine her surprise when her blind date is the man Gray has become? Totally against men due to her ex’s betrayal, she nonetheless can’t seem to resist the chemistry they have. And that creates a ripple effect that neither could see coming.

No surprises here but this was a well-written and entertaining read with a lot of naughty thrown in. I was glad to see the tension didn’t come from denial on either Gray or Frankie’s part; that’s always a bore. The author instead utilized other means to keep the story going, with Gray and Frankie’s new relationship holding true. Sometimes a little hard to follow the dialect since it was set across the pond, and it took me a while to figure out pitch was the playing field. A good read that kept me interested until the end.

Book Blurb for Gray's Girl

One hot rugby player, one dangerously sexy game…

International rugby star Leighton Gray, Big L to his fans, is at the top of his game. Ruthless on the pitch, he’s living the dream. Maybe. Lonely, he’s looking for someone special to share his success with, but can’t stand the vapid women who flock around the team. When his best friend Damon tries to set up a blind date for his sister with one of their teammates, Gray steps in. He had a crush on Damon’s sister for years, so if anyone is going to take her out, it’s him.

After finding her boyfriend balls deep in the blonde from down the hall, Frankie Cross is done with men. So she’s not impressed when her brother tells her that he’s set up a blind date with Leighton Gray, the scrawny waif he befriended years ago. But when she sees the giant Adonis standing in her doorway, she changes her mind. Little Leighton’s all grown up, and she’s having some very adult thoughts about the man he’s become…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00