Giving It to the Enemy

Saints and Sinners MC Book 2

Oh but I loved Pipe. He’s a hard man and he earned his nickname the hard way, but when he falls he falls hard. Elena runs a porn shop but she has an aura of innocence that is like catnip to Pipe. The fact that they are “enemies” adds a level of danger and desperation to them being together, which amps up the sex to say the least.

Elena is messed up emotionally when it comes to her family with good reason. And she’s sick of being on the outside looking in. Pipe’s attention is flattering but also frightening at first. He comes at her at full speed and won’t take “no” for an answer, and soon she wonders why she ever said no.

This was a hard-edged Romeo and Juliet story that kept me totally entertained. There is a lot of violence, as expected from an MC romance, so be aware. The evolution of Pipe and Elena’s relationship was quick and rocky but so romantic, and Pipe’s strategy to keep Elena no matter what underhanded but sweet. I especially liked the ending. A great read and I’m anxious for more in this series.

Book Blurb for Giving It to the Enemy

Elena is the estranged sister of Saint, Prez of the Saints and Sinner’s MC. She was once part of his world until their mother tore her from everything she knew. Now, she doesn’t belong—not in the club, and not as Saint’s sister either. When she meets Pipe in a bar, everything changes. He awakens a need inside her that she can’t deny.

Pipe doesn’t want anything from Elena—only her. He’s not after a war, nor is he after blackmailing Saint’s little sister. She’s not like any other woman he’s ever known. All he wants is to get to know her.

Away from both clubs, they explore their attraction, and it doesn’t take long for their feelings to deepen. Saint is no fool, and when he discovers that Pipe has been screwing his sister, there is hell to pay.

Pipe will not let Elena pick between him or Saint. He’s prepared to make a bargain that brings the Saints and Sinners MC closer to the Hell’s Wolves. He wants peace, and to keep his woman safe. Will Saint let him live? Or will Pipe have to take care of business one final time?

Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00