Given to the Imperial General

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Given to the Imperial General

Imperial Princes Book 2

We met Keliana and Jareth in the first book and I was intrigued. While I adored the first book, the second was not quite up to par. Both Keliana and Jareth were lacking the definition I needed to connect. The conflicts in the book were unique, if frequent, and I was disappointed at how Jareth acted in particular when confronted with less than savory things connected to the love of his life. I myself am a person who tends to see things in terms of black and white, but even I see shades of grey on occasion. Not so for Jareth, and he was brutal in his handling of Keliana a little too often for my liking.

The story has a fairy tale quality with Jareth being given information that will change his life forever. While it is a positive thing, it also comes with negatives. The specter of slavery again plays dominant in the story line and provides motivation for Keliana's actions that snowball out of control leading to another conflict that results in another misunderstanding. Needless to say, the story was steamy but had a lot of bumps on the way to a happily ever after. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and really look forward to more.

Book Blurb for Given to the Imperial General

Illicit love, for a man she shouldn’t even look at…

Keliana knows it’s forbidden, but she can’t get the handsome colonel of out of her mind, nor can she ignore her dreams of one day loving him openly as a free woman. When she’s called before her prince and given to Nikolai as a gift, she thinks her dreams have finally come true. Until Nikolai is raised to prince. Now royal, he cannot marry a harem mistress and her fledging dreams are dashed.

He’s always wanted her, but she belongs to his prince. Until now…

Keliana is an imperial harem mistress, but that doesn’t stop Jareth Nikolai from wanting her. A colonel in the imperial fleet and the prince’s right hand man, Jareth has earned his reputation as a loyal, stone-cold soldier, but thoughts of Keliana heat his blood to boiling–even though she’s the property of his prince. But the Prince’s marriage means the imperial harem is being disbanded and when Jareth see’s his chance… he claims the curvy little courtesan for his own.

But enemies plot in the shadows, and Jareth receives information that makes him believe he’s not the only man in the ex-harem-mistresses bed. Furious, he banishes her from his house to fend for herself on the streets only to realise weeks later he’s been played. Can he uncover the truth and reclaim the woman he’s loved for years, or has he lost everything that matters?

**Please note - This title has previously been released with another publisher and has not been revised or altered significantly.**

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.00