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Give Me More

Sergei is cryptic and not much of a talker. He prefers to sit back and observe and then decide what to do. With Zoey those ingrained behaviors go out the window the minute he sees her. There is some instalove and undeniable attraction that moves things along, but I was totally on board with the warp speed of their relationship.

Zoey is introverted, shy and cautious for a good reason. Sergei comes on strong but not creepy and the damsel in her responds to the prince signals he's sending. She's not naive about who and what he is and accepts him, warts and all. I liked that.

Some major creepy moments in this book that might affect some who've had similar life experiences. I hope there is a book about Zoey's sister and their boss; definite story there. Very whirlwind and erotically romantic story that I inhaled quickly due to it's shortness but definitely an enjoyable read in the author's signature style.

Book Blurb for Give Me More

After running from an abusive relationship, Zoey tries to regain control of her life in a new town. She begins to find reasons to move forward, but Zoey can't ignore her arousal for a dark and mysterious man—one that is clearly dangerous.

The moment Sergei sees Zoey, he wants her. She's vulnerable and timid, but she has a strength behind her eyes. Zoey's a fighter, a warrior, and he wants her for more than just a night in his bed. But how will she react when she finds out he’s part of the Bratva—the Russian Mafia?

Zoey knows who and what Sergei is, and even though she should be terrified, she can’t help but be drawn to him. It isn’t until her past comes back to haunt her that she truly sees the type of man Sergei is, and the lengths he’ll go to protect her.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00