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The Tunsey Men, #3

Safford has seen his older and younger brother's find the women meant for them. He's found his; she's just a little snooty. He can fix that. All he needs to do is whisk her away from the life she knows and show her what she's been missing. With him.

The story of the Tunsey's concludes with Safford and Giselle finding love and almost losing it along with their lives. The evil Jasper returns to reek havoc and spread misery wherever he goes. During the beginning of their idyll, Saff teaches Giselle how to do every day chores and how to care for herself. These days are fraught with conflict, desire, and hilarity as she learns simple tasks and begins to care about her captor. When Jasper decides to make his move to complete his bid for power through Giselle he involves Veronica (Victoria's sister from the second story) as he believes her to be as jaded and greedy as he is. Veronica displayed these tendencies in Victoria's story, but not all is as it seems.

While Saff teaches Giselle he's also wooing her. When they finally come together it is consensual (he gets Giselle pretty wound up - she can't help but say yes) but the aftermath is hard on Giselle. All the threads in the previous stories are tied together and we get our fairytale ending for all couples, as it should be. There are a few things thrown in that were surprising but welcome and all in all this was a great ending to a wonderful trilogy.

Book Blurb for Giselle

Safford Tunsey is a man who is cynical and sarcastic. Until the day he runs into the violet eyed beauty, Giselle, who sticks her nose up in the air and won't give him the time of day. Can she show him how to love while he shows her how to be a woman?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.25